My First RE


For the uninitiated, RE means reproductive endocrinologist.

Before we even contacted a specialist, we knew that we had low-normal sperm count from my husband (a bad case of the mumps a few yeas ago). Everything was fine with me – I ovulated perfectly fine. My fallopian tubes were clear. My hormone levels were fine. We were given the diagnosis of unexplained infertility.

I first contacted in March of 2011 to what our options were. This was the only time I ever talked with or saw the doctor. We were told by the nurse that everything was good to go, and that all I needed to do was call the clinic at the start of my period when I ready to start treatment. In October, we were ready to get a little more aggressive, so I called the clinic. That’s when I learned the nurse gave me the wrong information.

I had to wait another month to start treatment.

So, in November I started Clomid – 100 mg. From what I have read, there was no reason for me to be on that high a dosage since I produced eggs just fine. with this dose, I produced five eggs.

This clinic was very much like an assembly line – I was not an individual. Hell, I wasn’t even a patient with a name. I was a paycheck.

After we determined I had five eggs, I was given a trigger shot of Ovidrel to make me ovulate. I don’t have a problem ovulating, but they wanted to make sure I ovulated at a certain date to make it convenient for the clinic.

I went in for my first IUI on Thursday. No big deal. The catheter wasn’t painful and I only took half a day off work. The doctor wasn’t there – I think it may been a nurse who did the procedure.

Friday was traumatic. My appointment was at 10, but I had to wait an hour. When I finally had the IUI performed, I was told that my husband’s sperm counts were so low that this IUI probably wouldn’t work and we should look into IVF. I was sick to my stomach.

After the procedure, I was left alone to stay on my back for 15 minutes. When the timer went off, I was allowed to get up. I dried my tears, and opened the door, and the nurses stared at me.

Nurse 1: What are you still doing here?

Nurse 2: Did you get sick?

Me: Uh… What? My timer just off. I just had my IUI 15 minutes ago.

N1: Ohhh! You poor thing! Let me open the door for you!

The nurse then proceeded to UNLOCK the door so that I could leave the office. They had forgotten about me and locked me in the office while they were going out to lunch. No one else was in the office. If shudder to think what would have happened had I waited a few minutes more to leave.

That was the last time I visited that “clinic.” I am now with a RE who is professional, capable, and compassionate.

I did not get pregnant with that clinic, but I’m glad that they don’t get to mark me down as a success in their book.


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