On Selfishness and Sadness


I’m not really as bad off as that post last night made me seem. I think my trigger last night was a friend talking about her divorce. On one hand, it felt good that I was comforting someone, but on the other, I felt absurd.

There has been a part of me lately that doesn’t recognize grief in others. Maybe recognize isn’t the right word.

I used to be the person who cried anytime a heartfelt commercial aired.  Hell, I cried when in class when we read about Beowulf’s death and funeral. My tears were infamous.

Not anymore. I can only cry for myself these days. I have teared up a few times, but I think it was because of triggers.

I hope this is a temporary numbness, because I don’t like this selfish, uncaring feeling that lingers around.

I want to cry for something other than myself.


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