Texas Pre-Born Pain Act


Sorry North Dakota. Looks like I spoke too soon.

Texas State Rep. Jodie Laubenberg (R-Parker) just filed the “Preborn Pain Bill” today – an attempt to end all abortions after 20 weeks gestation.

I am disgusted with Rick Perry. I am disgusted with Rep. Laubenberg. And I am disgusted with State Senator Glenn Hegar (R-Katy). I want to associate the word “disgust” with their names so many times that this pops up on a Google search for Rick Perry.

From this equally vile webpage:

After filing SB 25, Senator Hegar shared: “Establishing Texas’ interest in the life of the preborn child who feels pain reflects the mindset of the majority of Texans who are committed to defend innocent life in Texas.  This state interest will allow Texas the legal capacity to shield these preborn babies from inhumane and unnecessary pain.

Representative Laubenberg is ready to work on passing the legislation: “Texas believes all life is worthy of protection, the babies who will be saved through HB 2364 will be spared the excruciating pain of abortion.”

This was my comment (not sure if it will be deleted or just trolled):

What about babies who will be born condemned to a lifetime of pain because of this bill? Most people who have abortions after 20 week do so because of a poor prenatal diagnosis that they discover at the 20 week ultrasound. I don’t understand the intent of this bill – it sounds to me like it is there to punish these women into carrying sick children to term, regardless of whether how much pain the infant will be in upon birth. Some infants will be still born, some will die painfully minutes after birth, and still others will be “saved” by science only to endure operation after operation and live in medical centers.

Some of us want to shield these babies from “inhumane and unnecessary pain” as well.

It’s cruel to the mothers, the fathers, the rest of the families, and most of all, to those precious babies.

The reason I am pro-choice is because I value life so much.

I’m so angry. I have to really think about what my plan is. Letter writing just doesn’t seem powerful enough. And this is something that is painfully relevant to my life right now.

My options?

  • Testifying at the hearing
  • Get in contact with the press
  • Make an appointment to meet with lawmakers (district visit?)
  • Allow an organization to share my (written or recorded) story with legislators
  • Ask my doctor to write a letter

Y’all. I have never felt so persecuted before. I really feel like this bill is punitive is design. I would still get upset at any attack on my rights in Texas, but this one really feels like it is trying to punish me for considering a tx for a poor pre-natal diagnosis.

This week has not started off very well for me. I’ll keep you all informed of just how involved I’m going to get.


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