Fake it ‘Til You Feel It


About a week ago, I decided to have a slumber party with the ladies from work. I did it a few years ago, and it was loads of fun. It had been a topic of much discussion, and I kept promising another one, until a co-worker called out on it.

“Put up or shut up.”

So, that’s why I’m having a slumber party tonight. Not that many are showing up, and no one is spending the night, but it gave me an excuse to clean the house.

I’ve been dreading it all day. In fact, I almost called the few attendees around 4:00 and lie and say that my husband it sick and we better call the whole thing off.

I called the husband, who normally is the king at wussing out of social obligations, but he felt that this was something that I had been looking forward to and that once people got here, I’d be more comfortable.

I hope so.

Otherwise I’ll just hide in a corner and fall asleep, which is my normal modus operandi at a party when it gets too late.

I really don’t want to have people over tonight. I would just rather stay in my pj’s and cuddle with my cats and husband and make mince and tatties for him.

But I guess sometimes when finding that infamous “new normal”, you have to force yourself to do some normal things.

I know I’ll have fun once people get here, but right now, I secretly hope that everyone bails on me.

  • Karaoke
  • Board games
  • Jello (jelly) shots
  • Cheapo beer
  • A massive tv/music library to peruse if we get bored

Post Script – Looks like I never published this back on 3/15. In any case, it was a small group, and it was a nice night.


2 thoughts on “Fake it ‘Til You Feel It

  1. Husbands are usually right when it comes to knowing what we need (not always though! lol). I’m glad it was a nice night! You are one brave women….. I’m just trying to conceive and I avoid social obligations JUST to avoid the question “you don’t have kids? Do you want them?”. I have a monologue for that question, so i usually can just rattle it off before the emotions can catch up to me…… Although the newly-pregnant girl at work I bitched about a couple blogs ago, has been non stop BITCHING about her pregnancy, and how tired she is, and how these “cravings are SOOOO annoying already and I’m only 15 weeks”….. grrrrr! I just want to be a hermit until I get pregnant, or until I am ready to announce that we are going to choose (which isn’t the case) a child-free life and be adventurists…. I Wonder if i’ll even make it sound exciting and believable without sobbing =(

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