Carrots, Some Fish, No Gluten


Ever since I was in high school, I was fascinated with absurdist theater. I remember reading Rain, Some Fish, No Elephants in high school. I loved Ionesco. I even enjoyed Pirandello.

And now I find my life has turned into an absurdist script of sorts.


I am tired of eating carrots. I never liked them much to begin with, but I find that I have to force myself to crunch them down. It’s easier when I am working – carrots are preferable to Aramark lunches, but the weekends at home are more difficult. I had grand plans of carrot juice, but that just makes a huge mess that I have to clean up. So, here I am, trying to eat more carrots just in case I get better cervical mucus. I have found that if I use Tzatzki sauce as a dip, I will eat more, so that’s what I’ve been doing. I LOVE tzatziki sauce!

Some Fish

Actually, when i say “some” fish, I mean I tried salmon. It was ok, but still very fishy. I’m not a big fish eater. I think it was because grew up on the Mississippi with my father gutting catfish right in front of me. He’d eat fried catfish all weekend, and I’m east on plums, celery, and Capri Sun. I’m trying to get more of the good fish in my diet, but I think I’m more likely to eat carrots than fish.

No Gluten

We think DH may be gluten-sensitive. Great. I love gluten. I love wheat and carbs more than sugar. So, he’s swearing off the gluts for at least a week to see how he feels without them. He already tried dairy-free, and he was still feeling pretty awful. Se the doctor suggested this.We tried gluten-free pizza yesterday and even had gluten-removed beer – it was all pretty tasty!

Everything was going fine until my obsessiveness got in the way and I googled “infertility + gluten allergy.” I swear, EVERYTHING causes infertility. If I googled “fingernails and infertility” I’m sure I’d get a hit.JESUS! Why did I do that?!?! I was just being dramatic and making a point – Now I have something else to worry about. Ugh. My only hope is that the webpages I clicked on weren’t what I would call valid sources.

It’s CD 12 for me, so I should be ovulating sometime this week. We were able to keep “go time” fun and chore-less last month, but this is going to be a busy week for me.


This is a lame post. I’m going to hit “publish”, but I think my next one will be about HB 2364. That gets me fired up.


One thought on “Carrots, Some Fish, No Gluten

  1. I’ve done some research on the fertility + gluten connection, because I have several relatives with celiacs disease & so am worried I’m gluten intolerant. There hasn’t been much research done on it yet, but like other autoimmune issues, it does seem to have an affect (with some people). The good news is, if that is the problem, cutting gluten out of your diet (or your husband’s) will help. Good luck!

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