Are you Lost?


One of the biggest reasons I love Word Press (besides the number of themes that I can use!) is the fact that I can see the search terms that lead visitors to my blog.

Let me just say that *some* people must really be shocked when they get here.

Sorry, this page isn’t really going to help you with your homework over the novel Of Mice and Men. It is, in fact, the story of my infertility and abortion. Don’t know how well that’s going to help you write your essay over Curly’s wife.

Here are some of my favorite search terms that have led to my blog:

  • love my spouse but not in love with each other
    • Sorry about that. How does this even happen?
  • does daenerys targaryen die in the book series of got?
    • Spoiler – We don’t know. The series isn’t written yet. We last see her as a Drothraki horse approaches her. Personally, I think that she is going to scare the ever-loving crap out the khalasar and take it over.
  • is tfmr the same as abortion
    • Technically, yes. But a termination for medical reasons, or TFMR happens because there is a fetal anomaly with the baby or because the mother’s life is in jeopardy. Sometimes, the baby might not make it to term, or be stillborn, or die within minutes of birth, and other times the outcome might not be so clear, as my child’s diagnosis was. People generally assume that people who have abortions do so because they are unwanted pregnancies, so the term TFMR is usually used. Most women I know who have had to terminate for medical reasons avoid use of the word abortion because of negative associations with that word, especially when the medical profession unusually calls them elective abortions. I didn’t elect to have this abortion, I felt that it was thrust upon me, as the only moral, ethical, and merciful option for my daughter. I usually tag my posts with abortion, even if I don’t use the word, because I want people who are researching abortion to understand that there is more to abortion than the pro-lifers/anti-choice crowd would have you think.
  • ugly triplet photos
    • Really? Someone was specifically looking for pictures of ugly triplets? I promise, this blog will never have pictures of babies (with the exception of baby animals, espcially if that’s the only kind of baby I ever get to have) on it, ever. Even ugly ones.
  • mouse labor male distract
    • The only thing that I can think of that is happening here is that someone had a pregnant mouse go into labor and they are looking for ways to distract the male mouse so it doesn’t eat the babies. Maybe? I don’t know. Anyone want to take a guess on what this one means?
  • of mice and men fruit quotes
    • Fruit?
  • wedding anniversary funny quotes to husband
    • Sorry. I’m more of a joy kill than anything else right now. Happy anniversary, though!

For those of you who have stumbled onto my blog my mistake, I’m sorry. But not as sorry as I am to those of who found this blog because you have either had to terminate, are contemplating termination, or are dealing with infertility.

I hope we all get our happily ever afters as soon as possible.


3 thoughts on “Are you Lost?

  1. This made me laugh. You inspired me to look at my own search terms. My favorites might be: “happy lucky monkey day,” “my therapist is pregnant & she’s nasty to me,” and “don’t mess with me babysuite.” I have no idea what that last one means, but I hope my blog provided all the answers!

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