The other day, I got what appears to be my first nastygram on WordPress. I say that because the comment was not written in English, and the online translators don’t seem to work very well. I have a few acquaintances who speak Polish, but not knowing what the message says or is about, I don’t want to drag them into my whole depressing nonsense.

oporcje żeby zdatne? – pomyślał w dalszym ciągu. Jak słychać shamefully otóż to, pustka sporzej
obecnie nie wymyślę. Można coraz
mało smoły… Nie, basta, byle nie przebrać
miarę. W celu pewności napluł do wewnątrz oraz zbytnio.

That is the original comment that was posted to PTSD. What follows are my two attempts to translate. They didn’t go very well.

proportions to fit? still thought. how shamefully so it can be heard, emptiness does not think of the dispute. be getting less tar. not enough, as long as the dress is not. in order to be safe and spat inwardly too much.

oporcje to fit? – Thought to continue. how shamefully so it can be heard, emptiness does not think of the dispute. You can pitch a little more … not enough, as long as the dress is not. in order to be safe and spat inwardly too much.

Based on this, someone is trying to shame me or they are trying to get me to an alter a dress that is too short.

So, I asked the question to one of me message boards and got a few offers to translate. I thought maybe I was missing something in the translation and was hoping a native speaker could help me out. This is what I got:

So a direct word for word translation isn’t really possible, as what’s written makes no sense. I ran it past my mom as well thinking maybe it was a bible verse or a poem or something, but it’s nothing she could place either. My mom was born in Poland, and the comment doesn’t make any sense as is. The only thing I can speculate is that someone’s wanted to hide a nasty gram by translating it into another language, but their point was definitely lost since this makes no sense whatsoever….
Totally something to be disregarded


I have nothing to hide from my anonymous blog. But if you are going to leave comments disagreeing with my choice, let me warn you – you aren’t going to change my mind about anything. And there is nothing you could say that could make me feel any worse than what I’ve already gone through.

Any theories on the comment?


5 thoughts on “Shamefully

  1. No clue. Why not come right out with an anonymous comment if they disagree? It’s quite strange… Could it be polish slang? I have no clue

    • You know how you can see people’s webpages when they comment on WordPress? Well, originally I could see her webpage, but now it seems to be blocked. I’m now wondering if it was just spam – garbled messages to try and lure me into clicking the link.

      • Another person tried to translate for me and this is her interpretation:

        It is hard to understand even for me and I am a native speaker. It is not very logical or clear. It appears like few sentences of some poetry taken out of a book or something like that. It is definately not attacking you or saying anything personal or anything like that. it appears contemplative and abstract in its content. It says something like this:

        Is resistance useful? – he thought a while longer.
        How it sounds shamefully this Emptyness.
        I can’t work it out. Maybe ineed not enough of tar.
        No ! enough ! Lets not exaggerate.
        To feel more courage, he spat inside and unduly.

        So as you can see, it is very abstract and random. . I am not even sure myself what this says. Maybe it is some weird spam or virus that just gets send automatically.

        Its not worth worrying about.

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