The Road Less Travelled


I’m not on the road not taken, but I’m definitely on the on the road less traveled.

I think people confused the road NOT taken with the road LESS taken.

I’ve never been interested in this road. I never wanted to travel down this path. This path is not grassy or picturesque. It’s ugly and barren.

Who wants to admit that she’s infertile and had to abort her only baby?

However, this poem came to mind today because of a few random events. I talked to my ex-husband yesterday. Simple and innocent. It’s been long enough. But it got me thinking.

He has *always* wanted a baby. Always, always, always. That was the trigger for me to leave, in fact. I didn’t want to have a baby with him. I was a little confused because I knew I wanted a baby, so we tried a few times – I cried afterwards. When I understood what I was feeling, I left him. I felt like a horrible person because of it. I still do, sometimes.

But what I realized was this: I would rather be on this path with my husband than stuck with the ex and a baby. I don’t want just nay baby – I want a family with my husband.

The title of the poem is the Road Not Taken, yet the line most people remember is “the one less traveled.” I was not given a choice. My road dead ended and I’m stuck trying to build a bridge.

But, I AM building a bridge. And my husband and I have developed a deeper relationship because of it. It may not be the easiest path, or the prettiest path, but I am trying to find beauty on it whereever I can.


2 thoughts on “The Road Less Travelled

  1. This post gave me chills. You are so strong, and write so beautifully! I’m glad that you are the hubs are building a deeper relationship, that is very important! Good luck this cycle!

    • Thanks! I’m *trying* to avoid stress and negativity since I’m about to O any minute now.

      I’m a little melodramatic to begin with, so trying to find the positive in my situation helps me from feeling sorry for myself. đŸ™‚

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