Orchitis and 3.6 Million Sperm


If I had 3.6 million dollars, I’d be happy.

If I had 3.6 million followers on Word Press, I’d be famous.

Instead, I have 3.6 millions sperm. What does that make me?

Not pregnant.

I know everyone says “It only takes one!” but it obviously takes a lot more for me. This is my fifth cycle of IUI (six IUI’s in total).

As much as it was a shock for me to get those numbers, I’m trying to stay positive. I think DH might be more willing to do supplements or ask about Clomid for him in order to increase his sperm count.

I’m really trying to walk a fine line between encouraging him to try and increase his sperm count and making him feel guilty. It’s not his fault he got the mumps. It’s not his fault that he developed orchitis. I still love him. Watching him sit and look at me helplessly in the doctor’s office while preparing for my IUI was horrible – it just made me cry even more. It really made me feel like I don’t know how much longer I can continue down this path. I’m that’s just the adrenaline talking, but today was pretty traumatic for me. Between being at that building again and getting those low numbers, it almost killed any positive thoughts I had going into the procedure.


  • This is better odds than if we had TTC naturally again this cycle.
  • That’s 3.6 million HEALTHY and MOTILE sperm.
  • We DTD on Saturday night, so perhaps there were some swimmers already there breaking down the egg.

It’s going to be a long two weeks.

17th of May. I can do this.


6 thoughts on “Orchitis and 3.6 Million Sperm

    • Thanks! Sadly, we have no coverage for any fertility treatments. I think that since we have had more normal sperm counts in the past that we are going to try and stick with a few more IUI’s before looking at our options.

  1. I’m sorry today didn’t go as well as you had hoped 😦
    I think DTD ahead of time would definitely help out the number of healthy swimmers in there. I don’t want to be the one to say “it only takes one,” but I have seen similar numbers for others who got pregnant during an IUI cycle (I did some manic Googling before mine). Try to keep a little of that positive vibe going– hope this TWW goes by quickly for you!

    • Thanks! I really hope so. My motto for the past five months is Fake it ‘Til You Feel It. I don’t feel very positive right now, but I’m hoping that if I keep telling myself that I am, then I’ll get there. I’m hoping these three million are the cream of the crop and that they do what they’ve been told to do. 🙂

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