Playing Hookey


I had originally planned on having the IUI done over the weekend, and then taking Monday off to rest and relax. If you read my posts from yesterday, then you know that wasn’t the case. I felt robbed of my day off, so I decided to take another one off today.

That is SO unlike me. Before this year, I usually only took four days off a year. This year, however, I’ve been gone so much – between doctor appointments and time off after the surgery, I feel like a part-timer. Even when I am at work, I’m not really there. Normally, I’d feel guilty about this, but for some reason, I can’t.

My plans for today are to get the rest of the house cleaned and maybe cook a little. Maybe nap a little. Schedule a massage (I have a gift card from a Groupon deal). Go for a walk to the library. Drink some tea. Smile. Relax.

One thing that I have been using a lot lately is Focus@Will, music that calms your limbic system down. I’ve been doing a little research on the limbic system (meaning: a lot of my infertility and grief books talk about it) and I had already been using this music with my students to try and help them to focus while working.

I think I might also schedule a hypnotherapist for stress. I can’t stop clenching my jaws! Ouch.

What other destress activities are good?


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