I started my three week writing  literacy course today. There was a little confusion about the times: 8-4? 7-4:30? 8-5:30? We finally got it taken care of, and I settled down to meet the other eight people (six other participants and two trainers).

First of all, this is what got me so freaked out a few weeks ago and I’m not sure I’m actually any less freaked out after my first day.

A few snippets from my scribblings today:

Confessions of a Clomid Addict

Am I really sitting here tearing up in a fucking writing workshop? I haven’t even written anything yet!

I have other stories to share. Seriously.

I hate saying I “lost” the baby. I didn’t lose anything.

Two weeks out of the month, I pee on things. I fight that urge for the other two weeks out of the month.

And I started my ABC’s of the Past Six Months

A – Andrology Lab

B – Blogging

C – Clomid

D – Daughter

E – Eighteen Weeks

F – Folic Acid

G – Grief

H – Heartbreaking Choice


J – Jealousy

K – Kitchen Nightmares

L -Laminaria

M – Myelomeningocele

N – Neural Tube Defect

O – Orchitis

P – Perinatologist

Q -Quiet suffering

R – Reproductive Endocrinologist

S – Spina Bifida

T – Therapy

U – Ultrasounds

V – Vasovagal reactions

W – Two Week Wait

X – Xanax

Y – Yearning

Z – Zeal

So, this is really all I wrote that’s pertinent to my blog. I’m not really comfortable with the people in my group. I have nicknames for people already, like Eeyore and Teacher’s Pet and Newbie Who Knows Everything. So, I’m not at the point where I feel like sharing yet. I wonder if I’ll get there soon.


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