Prenatals and Clomid Rage


Happy Prenatal Vitamins

I’ve been taking prenatals since 2009. Four years. It doesn’t seem that long, but it has. I haven’t been taking them religiously though, not until I got my BFP. I can admit it here, but I think part of the reason I still hold so much guilt is because I had my IUI’s without them. I can’t remember how often I was taking my prenatals before and after the TWW. I’m pretty sure it was semi-regularly, but I know it wasn’t once a day.

I know that it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. I know that lots of women get pregnant and have healthy babies without ever haven taken a prenatal at all. I don’t even know if my daughter’s NTD was related to a prenatal, MTHFR, or if it really was just a fluke. All I know is that I know take a prenatal, fish oil, and folic acid supplement daily. Occasionally (maybe once a week), I may forget the second pill of the oil or the folic acid at nighttime, but I always take my morning pills. I feel like a drug addict.

This morning, I was just poking around googling (dangerous, I know) and I wanted to know if taking prenatals on a long-term basis was unhealthy. And I found this article:

I left a comment, but I was using my phone, so I don’t know if submitted. Also, the article is old, so I don’t know if they were even still accepting comments.

But I was livid.

Not taking a prenatal vitamins is all fine and dandy until you get a dx of a NTD.

Just “eating a well-balanced” diet isn’t going to help people who have MTHFR or folic acid deficiency. Sure, she was able to have a healthy baby without extra protection, but that’s not a luxury I can afford. I personally would rather live with a few months of constipation just to be able to hold my daughter in my my arms right now.

I wonder if NTD’s ever even crossed this woman’s mind? I wonder if anyone read that article and skipped prenatals because of it and ended up in a similar situation because of it?

It makes me so angry that there are people out there who are so lucky. That my students can have Taki’s and Monster energy drinks for breakfast everyday and still have healthy babies. I ate organic, whole wheat, and extra (probably still not enough) vegetables, and what am I left with? Grief, anger, and a giant bottle of pills.

I suppose it doesn’t help that I’m also in a Clomid rage right now. I don’t feel like I have mod swings, but I do know that my tolerance level is way down. It’s like I’m on really bad PMS. Things that normally wouldn’t bother me are setting me off. Yesterday in line at the HEB, I almost lost it because they people at the self-checkout were dithering about, slowing scanning one item cautiously, looking at the screen, and then gently placing the item in the bag as if it were delicate crystal. IT”S A BOX OF MACARONI LADY. CAN YOU GO A LITTLE FASTER? I ended up changing lanes to a line with a checker, and even though I was third in line, it was still faster than waiting for the self-checkout. That lady was STILL there even after I left – and she had 20 items or less!

For the record, I do not look ANYTHING like that stock photo that I shamelessly stole off of some OBGYN’s webpage. This is more of what I look like when I take my prenatals:

meOh yeah. Check out my mad MS Paint skills! I’m actually kinda pleased with hos this turned out. I had to give myself bushier eyebrows (I never wax as regularly as I should since I’;ve moved out to the ‘burbs). I also edited a frowny face – especially with Clomid – it tastes bad. Instead of the ONE pill that this chick is smiling at, I replaced it with my 6/7 pills. I also edited the wedding band to reflect mine, and I changed her water into Naked’s Green Machine. I generally use Green Machine or Red Machine when I take my pills. Sometimes it’s carrot juice or pomegranate juice.

I feel like my picture represents me more than the original.


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