Thank you, Wendy Davis


I thought it was all over for abortion rights in Texas. I really did.

And then Wendy Davis stepped in with a filibuster.

This wasn’t the kind of symbolic filibuster in name only seen in the U.S. Senate: Under Texas’ parliamentary rules, Davis was required to speak continuously and only on the topic of the bill the entire time. She couldn’t take breaks to eat, take a sip of water or go to the bathroom. She could not lean against anything for support. If Davis broke any of these rules, the filibuster would die and SB 5 would become law.

I had my abortion in a private clinic, not in a hospital operating room. I can tell you that I have had more complications from a cervical biopsy than my abortion. Proponents claim this is about the woman’s health, but I don’t think they understand the ripples that SB5 would create. I have a family member who had a coat-hanger abortion when she was 17. Her parents were forcing her to get married the week after, so she went to the library, checked out some medical books, and went home to give herself surgery.
I say this not for shock value, but because until I heard the story for myself, I didn’t really think coat-hanger abortions really happened – that they only occurred in movies. If politicians want to prevent fetal pain and improve women’s health, then they need to understand that anti-choice laws only force women into situations like that where pain and safety are serious issues.
Dewhurst had this to say this morning:

I’m just so done with Texas politics. It’s never-ending. I’m really struggling with the fact that David Dewhurst will never hear my story. He will never get it.


2 thoughts on “Thank you, Wendy Davis

  1. I think whether you’re pro-choice or pro-life, this shit bill can’t be seen as anything other than oppression returning to women. Losing the freedom over your own body? REALLY?! Like you said, if someone wants it done, they will still do it, but it will be dangerous and possibly even life threatening.

    And Wendy rocks! I don’t live in Texas, but was watching intently. We have made some great strides in the past 2 days, between this and DOMA.

    • I really hope she runs for governor – people keep saying that we’re shifting to a blue state – I can only hope that’s true and not just optimism.

      Sadly, Perry called a second special session that will start on the 1st. I think the inevitable will happen. šŸ˜¦

      I just get so pissed off that they can hear all of these stories about TFMR and still not change their mind. How heartless can they be? This horrible piece of legislature is cruel and punitive in nature.

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