Stand With Texas Women


I really wish I could have been in Austin yesterday for the rally on the Capitol, but alas, it was not meant to be. Instead, last night, I gathered up some girlfriends and we headed into Houston proper to the Hughes Hangar for a Planned Parenthood pro-choice rally.

I want to get two shirts made: 1. Ask me why I hate Rick Perry. and 2. Ask me about my abortion.

I think #2 might be a little too provocative for my Tea Party suburb, but it makes me giggle thinking about wearing it to the grocery store or a teacher workshop.

In any case, the three of us headed in, expecting nothing but traffic. We were pleasantly surprised. First thing we did was buy proper attire:


I’m the one in the middle, sandwiched by the hotties.

Then, we got the facts from Planned Parenthood:

HB2 requires all abortions to be provided in ambulatory surgery centers which would virtually end safe and legal abortion in Texas.

HB2 would impose numerous excessive and medically unnecessary building requirements on all health centers that provide safe and legal abortion. Requiring health care centers to comply with ASC guidelines, which mandates hospital types operating rooms for abortions, even for non-surgical abortions are inappropriate and opposed by doctors and their professional organizations.

My thoughts: I’ve had outpatient surgery before. In fact, all of my surgeries have been outpatient. The whole reason it’s called outpatient is because the patient doesn’t need to stay the night – in order to keep the hospital costs down. I wonder how much MORE it would have cost me over the $2500 that I already spent on the abortion? How come they aren’t regulating vasectomies in this way? Or plastic surgery? Or biopsies? Or skin tag removal?

HB2 requires doctors who provide abortion to obtain hospital admitting privileges, which gives hospitals complete decision-making power over access to safe and legal abortion.

Requiring doctors who provide abortions to have staff privileges at a nearby hospital won’t make women safer and in fact, could jeopardize their health by depriving women access to safe, high-quality medical care. In fact, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists opposes laws or any regulations that require abortion providers to have hospital admitting privileges for this very reason.

My thoughts: Seriously? We already know how much the government has screwed up education – can they let the professionals who know that they are doing DO THEIR DAMN JOBS? I want my abortion to be between me and my doctor, not the hospital. I wonder if this means that if I were to go in to TFMR, would the hospital be able to refuse me? What if they say my pregnancy as an opportunity just for them to make more money since my child would be dependent on the medical community? It makes me uneasy.

I’ve also read that hospitals don’t want to give doctors admitting privileges because then they would have to cover them under insurance.

House Bill 2 would force doctors to ignore more than a decade of research about providing early, nonsurgical abortion.

This provision would force doctors to abandon the current evidence-based use for non-surgical abortion and mandate doctors use the less effective dosage, which requires a woman to take MORE medication than is needed. Requiring doctors to adhere to these original FDA recommendations, rather than the regimen doctors use today flies in the face of years of research and doctors’ practical experience.

There’s a part of me that thinks this is punitive as well. Perhaps it’s a money issue – trying to milk as much money out of desperate parents as possible. In fact, perhaps what this whole thing is really about. I refuse to believe that Rick Perry and David Dewhurst are doing this to protect women’s health, and they can’t really be doing to save the fetus, because they don’t give a damn about the quality of life that it would expect upon birth, so the only thing I can think of is that they are getting some kind of financial compensation.

I really don’t understand how a woman can claim to be a Republican.

House Bill 2 would impose an unconstitutional ban on abortions later in pregnancy.

HB 2 would enact an unconstitutional ban on abortion at 20 weeks. Fewer than 1 percent of abortion in Texas occur after 20 weeks, according to the Department of State Health Services.

This bill only has a narrow exception for a woman’s health or fetal anomaly – leaving a woman who is facing heartbreaking circumstances with no options. The bill also makes no exception for survivors of rape or incest.

Fetal anomaly is defined so narrowly that it means the baby would die after birth. That means that had I not gotten my ultrasound a month early, I would not have been able to terminate my pregnancy. I promise, if I ever get pregnant again, I will be demanding a 16 week gender scan and the 20 week scan ASAP.

I really wanted to go and give my testimony in Austin today, because I am an infertile woman who chose to terminate. There is a chance that this could have been my one and only chance at a child – and I terminated. I would rather suffer without her than force her into the shackles that awaited her.

Is it stupid of me to hope that the politicians will actually listen to what the people actually want for once?


4 thoughts on “Stand With Texas Women

  1. I stumbled on this when looking up this bill. To put, “ask me about my abortion” and put it on a shirt? Ugh, that is so disgusting, i’m sorry, but it’s appalling. Maybe you’re proud of it, it seems you are, but I can only imagine heartbreak when making a decision like that. Seems you are angry that people deem abortion as bad. Shouldn’t it kind of remain in the negative category.. and kind of a last resort for most? Shouldn’t we discourage it and encourage responsibility? Or is it birth control in today’s world? Or is it something to unite women… umm… by killing babies? T shirt worthy in your case? I get that you want to choose, but saying you want to flaunt your abortion on a tshirt isn’t working in your favor. That is cold and heartless, and up to someone like me to point it out to you. I find and know a lot of pro-choice people out there who simply fight to keep abortion legal even after 20 weeks b/c they have some deep seated regret about their decision to abort. In a way, this is justification. Personally having friends – I understand and feel for them b/c the trauma with it never really goes away only dulls with time. Perhaps there were medical reasons behind yours, in which case, still incredibly heartbreaking but certainly still not tshirt worthy. GEEZ! You are free to choose, but not free from the consequences of that choice as i’m sure you’re aware. I’m sad for anyone that is faced with such a decision. I just couldn’t believe how proud you must be to wear something like that and act like it’s just such an outstanding accomplishment in your life – something to unite you with others. It tells outsiders that you care more about your lady parts that human life. As an outsider that’s what I see when I read your post. Also after reading why you hate this bill, you sound like you have absolutely no medical background or training pertaining to the medical side of abortion. I’m not even going to go there, but feel you put this stuff out on blog land like someone should pat you on the back.. hopefully not wearing that shirt. Sincerely, someone who use to be pro-choice but wised up and realized there are greater things worth protecting.

    • Obviously, you haven’t read my blog. That’s why I wanted the shirt, because you seem to think that your reality is universal. How dare you say that I care more about my “lady parts” than human life. If you had asked me about my abortion rather than judging, or even just reading my blog, you would realize what I did.

      I am not proud of my abortion, but I have no regret over my abortion – I saved my daughter from a lifetime of pain, something this bill would have condemned her to.

      I want people to ask me about it because they (like you) seem to think that it’s only a matter of birth control.

      As I’m sure you are medical expert with a specialization in the OBGYN field, I’m sure you’ll understand that when I talked with my TEAM of specialists that they all decided that this was the most human course of action to take. If you want, I’ll give you number to my OBGYN, my RE, my perinatologist, my doctor who performed the procedure, and my friend who is an OB. Perhaps they can answer any questions you have.

      There is nothing more important to me than protecting my daughter, and I am very sad to see that you can’t understand that. I am proud that I was able to make the hardest decision of my life to protect my child.

      No go find some other person to troll.

    • The ignorance on display in that comment is a perfect example of just WHY V feels like putting that invitation on a t-shirt – you have jumped on an emotional blog post made at a time when her rights are being unjustly attacked, have failed completely to grasp the context of the statement, have made grossly mistaken assumptions about her situation, and have then proceeded to admonish, judge and talk down to her from some imaginary moral high ground that you seem to believe you occupy.

      Abortion IS bad. We’re NOT proud of it, but we do NOT regret it. It WAS a last resort, and you have NO god-damned idea about the heartbreak experienced when realizing that the kindest thing you can do for the daughter you have been trying three long years to conceive is to terminate. Yet you seem to support denying us that choice.

      What you mistake for pride, is merely a lack of shame for our decision. We stand up and tell our story, precisely to fight against ignorance like yours and the preconceptions you leap to regarding those who seek and support abortions.”Cold and heartless”, coming from someone who dares to chastise a mother in mourning, is insultingly ironic.

      Take your sanctimonious lecturing, your faux pity, and your barbed compassion somewhere else, and try reading more than one entry on whichever blog you next descend on before you comment.

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