Search Terms (part 2)


In an effort to distract myself from tomorrow’s IUI, I’m going to post some of my weird search engine terms that have led people to my blog. Part 1 can be found here.

not proud to be a texan

What can I say? I’m not proud to be be a Texan right now, either. Obviously. I mean, it’s one of my tags.The sad part is that I LOVE Texas! I really do. I spent my early childhood in Missouri, and there is no way I’d back there. The culture here is just so… nice. I wish I could really love Texas, but until they start respecting me, I’m through. I feel like a battered woman. I’ve also made the decision to take down the Texas flag in my classroom. Shhh. Don’t tattle on me. I already refuse to say the Texas pledge, but this will at least make me smile.

daenerys cat

She has dragons, not cats. Duh.

why muffin top for men happens

I think men collect fat around their bellies; women generally collect it around their butts. I don’t. I don’t think men like to call it muffin top though. I think they prefer love handles or something like that. I don’t really know.

man this slumber party is about to get sick

Hell yeah! Why wasn’t I invited? My slumber party wasn’t that “sick” – it was very forgettable, as a matter of fact. So much so that I forgot that I even had one!

incestial mice

Incestuous mice? I, uh, don’t know too much about that. I had dormice one time, and the female ate her babies. I think they were also incestuous. Keep them sorted by sex – don’t let the boys near the girls – mice don’t have the same moral qualms that we do about incest.

can my shit get inseminationed if my cum gets into my ass hole? would i than get a little baby shit fetus?

I am not making this up. Do people really use search terms like this? Honestly? Do you really think that someone typed this into a search engine as a legitimate question, or is this some weird inside joke from a stupid movie that I’m not getting. Is this really what people think privately? I would seriously be too embarrassed to even type that into Google – it would be admitting my stupidity.

if have had orchitis sperm will comeout or not

are you asking about sperm or semen? There is a difference. I think in most (if not all) cases, semen production is normal. However, you can’t tell based on the semen is there are sperm in there or not. Usually, only one testicle is affected, so even if you have one bad testicle, the other should be able to still work. Diminished sperm count isn’t always permanent – I remember reading that most of the time, normal sperm production comes back within a few months.

I hope we all find what we are looking for in the coming months.


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