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It’s changed names so many times I can barely keep up with it. But last night, the disgusting piece of legislature now known as HB2 passed committee. The Senate Finance Committee (I’m still boggled by the fact that a FINANCE committee is making this decision) will hear the abortion bill at 10:00 am on Monday morning.

I spent last night glued to Twitter, reading updates about the bill.

Rep. Bryon Cook, Chair of the House State Affairs Committee is an asshole, let his obvious bias dictate who he let speak and who be scolded for outbursts. The anti-choicers apparently knew that they were letting people sign up to testify early, and there is suspicion from those who were there that they were just signing random names up in opposition target than real people actually being there.

There was a man who testified last night – a JUGGLER – who was supporting the restrictions/ban*. What the hell does a JUGGLER know about my body? My choices? My life? How is this juggler going to be affected by this bill? He isn’t, unless he and his wife get a poor prenatal diagnosis at 16 weeks and have to wait four weeks for the chromosomal tests to come back with the worst news he’ll ever get in his entire ballsy life.

God, I know people say that they don’t want to wish TFMR on their worst enemy, but I want these people to at least feel an inkling of the trauma that I’ve gone through. Is that cruel of me? I want the bill’s sponsor to be faced with a horrible prenatal diagnosis. I want David Dewhurst’s daughter to have to get a weird ultrasound at 20 weeks.. I want someone Rick Perry loves, admires, and respects to admit to having an abortion after a rape. And I don’t care if me saying this is cruel – I want them to learn a little EMPATHY for people who are in such a luxurious position as they are. Even if those things did happen, it wouldn’t matter. They can all afford to one of the new abortions. They can all afford to leave the state.

People are estimating that this little bit of legislature would TRIPLE abortion costs in Texas – and that’s not including travel time. I paid $2500 for my abortion. If I were faced with this again (at $7500), I’d be able to pay – because my family supports me and we would scrimp up the money to help make this happen, but just because I would still be able to protect and do what’s best for my family doesn’t mean everyone can.


What would these politicians have me do? Refuse treatment once my daughter was born? Give her up for adoption and start over? Or quit my job, sell my house, and sell my soul to the insurance companies and live in debt (slavery) for the rest of my working days.

Texas shits on everything that I hold personal and dear – personal choice, education, the environment. CORPORATIONS have more rights than I do in Texas.Rick Perry might read my e-mail if I were a corporation.

I really want to be in Austin on Monday, but I’ll be 4 days past IUI, and don’t want my stress levels to get too worked up. Maybe I’ll schedule my massage for next week?


6 thoughts on “Texas HB2

  1. IT IS DISGUSTING that such legislation is need to protect babies hat cannot defend themselves against abortions that murder them! Why is it right to kill the unborn in the name of a woman’s right to free choose but the same people think the guns should be banned completely? Abortions kill millions more that guns do or will in decades!

    • Actually Mark, I think it’s disgusting that people would rather pass legislation that would force my daughter to live in excruciating pain for the rest of her life.

      I think it’s disgusting that people like you try to shame me for protecting my daughter.

      I think it’s disgusting you commented on my blog without understand all of the facts.

      I think it’s disgusting that my legislators, who have had no experience in this field, are passing laws and they don’t seem to care about the repercussions.

      What it going to happen, at least in the TFMR world, is that women are going to be forced to abort early – at 18 or 19 weeks, instead of waiting of complete prenatal testing to come back. Chromosomal testing takes awhile, and when you deal with rare disorders, that takes even longer. Women who are trying to protect their children will have to abort early instead of doing the testing to make sure that they didn’t get a false positive.

      By the way, I am a happily worried woman who happily owns guns. Thanks for making a lot of ridiculous assumptions about me though. Guess I’m not really the unmarried slut that you wish I was.

      In the future, maybe you should read a little bit more before you start trying to shame someone who made the most compassionate choice she had available to her.

      • John, I am so glad that you have never had a poor pre-natal ultrasound. I am glad you never had to be put in a position like I am. And I am glad that your state isn’t trying to regulate how you can protect your child.

        Does this mean that you are thanking God for my seriously ill baby? Would you really prefer that I continued to term so that she could experience pain for the rest of her life? How is that humane? How is that good parenting?

        I guess you have nothing better to do than do drive-by’s on grieving mother’s blogs.

      • My nephew was suppose to be born with Down syndrome. Yet thank God my sister rejected what every doctor told her and had him anyway. He is such a great blessing on everyone’s life. Turned into a good, honorable man. And no defects at birth! The doctors who kept pushing for an abortion were WRONG. Children are a blessing, and a life is precious. I have a son as well. Having abortions regulated to the first 20 weeks is not only safer for the woman but if the woman does not decide in the first 20 weeks then why have it later in the pregnancy ? There is no point to this. Also, having an emergency surgery center if things go wrong within 5 miles is just good sense! So why are YOU so against HB2 when it protects women?

      • First of all, that’s great about your nephew. Really. That’s not the case with my daughter. I wasn’t going to gamble with her future because of my selfishness. The reason they are called miracle children is because that doesn’t happen often. For that reason, i find your story doubtful. It seems to be a convenient excuse to try and shame me. Again, your reality isn’t universal.

        As far as safety goes, I’m going to take the side of the medical experts who agree that this wishy increase safety.

        As a woman, I really appreciate your manly concern for me, but it come across as a little disingenuous.

        If you really wanted safer aprons, then you’d be pushing for a d&x since that’s actually the safest procedure. I was in more danger when I had my wisdom teeth removed (which is actual surgery) than when I had my d&e performed. Your inconsistencies would be irritating if they weren’t so obvious.

        As far as not understanding why a woman wouldn’t have an abortion in the first 20 weeks, obviously you have no idea just how cruel life can be.

        I suggest that if you are really interested in women’s health, maybe you should get in contact with people and organizations that follow current research. You refuse to listen to science, experts, and personal experience.
        All this bill will do is cause more people with false positives to tfmr early and seek back alley abortions in Mexico. Yet safety is your number one concern? Doubtful.

        I appreciate your persistence, but by harassing me, you are only making yourself look bad. You aren’t going to change my mind. You clearly are never going to have an abortion, so kindly take your comments back over to sites where you will be hailed as a hero, because here, you’re coming off as a jackass.

        You’ve been lucky that I’ve published your comments, but I just wanted to document the inability of the pro life extremists to understand empathy.

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