Fireworks of Another Kind


We went over the in-laws house last night to celebrate, and before the other guests got there, the conversation between DH and his parents landed on abortion. I don’t know why I was thinking this, but I had assumed FIL would be a little more open-minded about the topic, especially after what we went through – he drove the car the day the actual procedure happened. Obviously, he has the same mental disability that my own father has: conservative talk radio.

I don’t know what statistics he’s being fed, but he’s buying them. He kept referencing Kermit Gosnell (is that his name?) and his “House of Horrors.” I’ll admit, I have purposely stayed away from that bit of news because I avoid triggers. I get the impression THAT is one huge trigger. From what I’ve gathered, that’s not pro-life – that’s just monstrous. Anyway, apparently conservatives seem to think that his practice is par for the course. He also didn’t understand that the government was going to make what I did illegal or that the regulations were so strict (and expensive) that it was essentially banning abortions in the state of Texas.

At one point, he said something to the effect of we have no idea what happens in those places. DH jumped in and reminded him in no pleasant terms that we did indeed knows what goes on in those places. DH was getting so upset that I thought he was going to to leave in a fit of rage. Luckily, the day was saved by a wandering salesman who rang the doorbell (seriously!) to try and sell alarm systems.

But DH was up all night sick to his stomach. I think that since I’ve been dealing with my father, it wasn’t as distressing to me – I’m used to being disappointed by the father figures in my life.

I think the thing that makes me the most angry that is I have personal experience with this _ I have had an abortion. I’ve lived it. And yet because my story doesn’t fit in with their schema, they dismiss me, dismiss my pain, and dismiss my daughter – as if it never happened.

It’s easier to think that abortion is simply ending a baby’s life than understand that the issue is a mufti-faceted issue that won’t be solved by bans and non-medically necessary¬† regulations.

All my father and FIL hear is what they Michael Berry (or whoever) tells them. I’ve lived it. Done research. I know how it will affect my own life personally if I end up getting pregnant and end up in another desperate situation again.

These are also the men that want to end abortion, but don’t give a damn once the child is born. They are opposed to social programs, public education, and health programs. It’s like they WANT a sub-class to pump their gas, mow their lawns, and justify their elitist attitudes.

I had to remind DH that my father was a man who refused to pay for child support, so if he didn’t take care of his own child, why would he even be remotely interested in the welfare of stranger’s children? He uses the excuse that he should be able to to make that decision on his own, but I’ve learned from experience what decision he would make.

I’m going to clean the kitchen (maybe) and probably post a much happier and positive entry later on about my experience yesterday. I’m going to try and spend the next two week as calm as possible – which will be hard on Monday when the House hears HB2!


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