Sperm Through the Years


This is a bath toy. Really. I can’t make this up.

I’ll be honest, I can’t remember what the first sperm analysis numbers were like. I suppose my OB has that paperwork. I didn’t know anything about numbers at the time, so I just went with her comments that they looked good.

With an IUI, you want to do a sperm wash. My original place wanted the total number of motile sperm to be >16 million, but my current place says that they are happy with anything over 10 million. Keep these numbers is perspective, and remember that some RE’s won’t even do an IUI if the sperm count is under 5.

At my first (horrible) IUI experience, we had two back-to-back IUI’s – completely medicated, and they sperm counts were 6.23 and 5.73 respectively.

My next IUI, I think we had numbers around 7 million, and then we had around 10 million, and then 12 million. I was elated – we got over 10 million! We got pregnant.

We have had three IUI’s after the loss/tx. The first one was 3.5 (that really shook me), 17 million, and yesterday, we had…



Ok, before I drop the number on you, let me tell you how I found out. DH went to the lab to pick the sample up, and I ran to the toilet. By the time I got out, he had already seen the paperwork with his number. It played out something like this:

V: Gimme! (grabs bag with paperwork) I think I’m too scared to look.

DH: I looked. But I don’t know if I’m reading it correctly.

V: (heart drops – remember when she mistakenly thought last month’s IUI volume 3 ml was actually the number of sperm and only 3 million) Oh, God. Well, we could always see about putting you on Clomid if these are low numbers. I know it’s probably not as good as last month’s 17 million, but we’ll deal with this.

V grabs open the paperwork and scans, looking for a low number. She doesn’t see it. Her eyes tear up as DH points to 35 million.

-End Scene-

That’s right, folks. Not 3.5 million. 35 million. Thirty five. And that’s AFTER the wash!

We were so excited, we took a picture of the results.

I really did cry in the car.

DH credits his new gluten-free diet – he’s been on it for about three months, which makes sense, because the last two months have been the highest that we have seen in years.

I guess maybe his orchitis didn’t really mess up his sperm count too much.

Even if I don’t get a BFP this cycle, those numbers give me hope. Bring on August! I’m ready!


6 thoughts on “Sperm Through the Years

  1. Holy shit that’s amazing! Definitely a good reason to have hope!

    I should post about our SA experience some time. It’s awful and terrible and proves how much more infertiles know than their idiot doctors.

    • Absolutely, I don’t know if you’ve read my whole blog, but my first RE’s office was horrible. They locked the front door and left for lunch! With me still in an exam room!

      I just feel like so many of them look at this process as an assembly line and don’t really take the time to get to know their patients OR their problems. It’s way easier to make money than solve a problem.

      Have you and your DH looked at taking Clomid? I was thinking about doing that for awhile. My DH refused – he said he didn’t want to grow boobs.

      • No, we’re freelancers and have no health insurance. We have tried different supplements, and no clue if any of them did anything. Didn’t get PG so I guess not lol.

        That is CRAZY they left you in an exam room! I had to force our doctor (not an RE) to give him a sperm analysis. He kept saying it was me, I needed Clomid, I needed a Lap (didn’t have Endo afterall, idiot). So finally I was like – No, he is GETTING an SA. It’s the only thing left other than my weird cycles. And sure enough, $250 later, it showed he only had 2.5 total sperm. DUH!

      • We pay for everything out of pocket, so I get it. I only am on five pills of Clomid and that coats us only twenty bucks a month, but I’m not sure how many pills a man would need to take. If it was once a day, that would be 120 a month, but like with any treatment, it’s a gamble.

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