Monday and Senate Bill 1


Governor Perry said on Fox News today that the abortion debate is about saving babies and that “we’re gonna pass some restrictions in Texas.”

I’m disheartened. I know that he’s pro-life and a god-fearing Christian, but I naively thought that politicians were actually supposed to listen to their constituents and vote on issues for the good of all, not on personal beliefs (or as in the case of Rick Perry, nepotism).

I feel like I am going to go out there, bear my soul to strangers, let them invade my privacy – basically put my name and address on this blog – all for nothing.

Is it really all for nothing?

My friend MMB says that it’s about the fight and raising awareness. But that doesn’t help the mother who is going to get a poor-prenatal diagnosis at 20 week. That doesn’t help the terrified girl who is all alone and faces rejection by everyone she loves and knows. It doesn’t help the woman who already has four children she can’t afford and despairs at the thought of raising a fifth.


One thought on “Monday and Senate Bill 1

  1. I feel the same and wonder the same. I am not planning on getting preggers at the ripe old age of 47, but it still could happen, and where would I be, making $8/hour?Limited access is a dire problem for people already. How dare these filthy rich religious fanatics even THINK about preventing women from having what we NEED!?

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