I Want to Pee on Something!


Please, tell me not to! I’m only 1 week down in the 2WW, and I have been reading too many stories of women testing at 9 dpo and getting a positive.

I am really worried that my activism this week has gotten me too worked up and that I just wasted my 35 million sperm this month. 😦 DH has said that I am actually pregnant this cycle that this baby is going to come out a fighter. That makes me smile.
Not much I can do about it now, right? I’m just trying to prepare myself for August’s IUI. Fingers crossed it’s on a Saturday, but it’s looking like it will be around August 1st at this point, so in the middle of a work week. I know DH is getting tired of taking off days – he was happy to pay the extra $75 to have the IUI done on a holiday! If you know DH, he’s the typical Scottish skinflint, so that’s a big step for him


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