I’m a pretty stereotypical Virgo – I like to plan. I like lists. And I have a need to be prepared.

So my blog post today isn’t about me giving up, it’s about me being prepared and having something to look forward to.

20 Things I Can Look Forward to If I Never Get Pregnant

  1. I can nap whenever I want.
  2. I can focus on my relationship with my husband.
  3. I can travel.
  4. We can move whenever and wherever we want. (I still think that I want to move to Scotland, but DH is adamantly against going back).
  5. I can drink as much beer as I want.
  6. Instead of having one “hobby” room in the house, DH can have his office and I can have my office!
  7. We can finish out the backyard.
  8. I could remodel the house. The entire house! A new bathroom!
  9. I don’t have to worry about my antiques getting destroyed.
  10. I can buy more antiques and oddities!
  11. I can save for an earlier retirement.
  12. We could buy property in the country.
  13. I can continue to cuss like a sailor.
  14. I can botox my armpits (it stops sweating!)
  15. I could hire a personal trainer.
  16. I can hire a landscaper to come out and design my front yard.
  17. I can stop my prenatal/folic acid cocktail – though my nails are really tough! Hmm.
  18. I can continue to be happily lazy.
  19. Get corrective eye surgery – No LASIK for me. I’m not a candidate – I’d have to get implants.
  20. Various home improvements.

I’m sure there a lots more, but I think this is a decent start for now.


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