Open Letter to People Who Write About Infertility


Dear People Who Write About Infertility,

I really appreciate you tackling the subject. It’s a subject that most people don’t talk out of fear and embarrassment. The only people who say that it’s not anything to be embarrassed about are those who either aren’t infertile or have a baby. If you are left empty handed, you don’t find yourself willing to open up about invasive and demeaning procedures at lunch with co-workers. So I welcome the attention.

That being said, I really don’t understand why you insist on using images of pregnant women to illustrate your article, book, or blog post. Really? Do you think that’s a good idea? The last thing I want to see when searching for costs on IVF are baby bumps reminding me of my useless muffin top.

Are you perhaps trying to use pathos to pressure us into fertility treatment? Perhaps if these pictures were only on medical sites selling IVF and IUI’s, but no, there are everywhere (and most clinics have pictures of babies rather than bellies).

Please stop. It would be one thing if all fertility treatments ended with happy endings, but they don’t.

From this point on, I will call you out on this, whether it be on Twitter or just in the comment section. Surely, you can find a better image to rally the infertiles around the world. To offer a positive replacement for your bulging bellies, I think a panda would be perfect. Pandas are only fertile for a day or two once a year. ONCE A YEAR. (Tiffany, I swear this has nothing to do with Susan, LOL!)

Plus, think of the marketing that could be done with panda mascot. Infertile Panda hospital gowns! Infertile Panda pill cases! Infertile Panda band aids! Infertile Panda pads and tampons! Infertile Pands fans for hormonal hot flashes! Infertile Panda alcohol! The list goes on and on.

Please. It’s bad enough seeing motherhood plastered everywhere, but I’m tired of seeing pregnant women when I’m reading about infertile women. It’s mean, tacky, and I’m tired of it.



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