I spoke too soon…


I went ahead and tested. I was getting too worked up wondering if I was pregnant, and just wanted to get it over with.

At least I know.


4 thoughts on “I spoke too soon…

  1. There are no words. Sending hugs instead. You’ve made a very brave and difficult decision and I’m sure after all the time you’ve spent thinking about it you’ve made the right choice. I’m sure the next few months will be really hard and you will probably question your decision many times but I hope that in the long term you are able to find some happiness again even if it is living a life you never originally planned x

  2. Since I don’t know about iui yet, am I trying to be naive that you aren’t out until af arrives? Or this many days past iui would have shown up today?

    If it’s the later. I wish I could hug you IRL right now.

    • Statistically, I should have gotten a positive test. I guess I could be in that small percentage of women that gets a false negative, but I doubt it.

      With it being my fifth consecutive iui, my chances at being pregnant were really low to begin with.

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