I’m on my phone,  but I had to post: this week had been hell. Monday I had counseling,  which was rough, last night DH was taken to the ER from an abnormal ekg, and today we are trying to take care of his health.

Thank God we aren’t ttc this month.  I don’t think we’d be able to afford it.

I’ll post more properly later on today,  but we’ve been up since 4 am. We are just waiting for offices to open at this point.

What use do I have for optimism? Every time I think I’ve reached my limit,  my breaking point,  something comes along to remind me that it can and will get worse.

When I was driving to the ER, all I could think of is how long I would get for bereavement leave at work.  It wad line I was sent right back to January,  when I’d wake DH up in the middle of the night to check and see if he was still alive.

It’s seven am here,  and I’m already exhausted and have a headache.  I’m worried about me,  I’m worried about DH, I’m worried about insurance.

I hate self pity,  but I’m wallowing in it today.


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  1. I am SO so sorry that you’re having to deal with all of this on top of everything else. I hope your husband is on the mend and that there aren’t any serious worries for the future. I’ll be crossing my fingers that things get easier for you. As for me, I was smack in the middle of a four-car pile-up this morning that left my car probably totaled and yesterday my RE told me to start accepting the possibility of never having children that are biologically related to me. So yeah! Cool week. Lovin’ it.

  2. I’m sorry to hear that you are going through such a difficult time. There is nothing like the illness of a loved one to put everything into perspective. I hope your husband’s health is back on track soon x

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