Out of ICU and into Rehab


Ok, Universe.  I get it. I’m strong. Can you please stop testing me?

DH does indeed have Guillain Barre Syndrome. I’m not going to into it in detail here,  but he just spent four days in ICU. The good news is that he seems to be recovering quickly (in GBS standards,  that is).

He’s in a regular hospital room tonight and is getting sent to inpatient rehab. We don’t know that will be,  but it could be as long as two weeks.

Now that I’m not terrified that he is going to die,  I’m scared of how we are going to handle the bills.  Luckily,  be had disability insurance,  but it doesn’t kick in until he racks up two weeks of unpaid leave and is only 60 percent of his salary from November,  so it won’t include his most recent raises.

I don’t like being home alone,  and that’s what’s going to happen for two weeks. 

My friend S. and his wife came by with the baby on Sunday to bring my breakfast.  You know,  the baby girl that was due a week after mine. And I held her.

I went to counseling on Monday,  and she seemed to be overwhelmed with the fact that I had ANOTHER issue on my plate.  I handled it well,  though.  Better than I handled the previous week. I feel like I need a part solely devoted to that issue in the near future.

I’m exhausted. I’m tired to my core. Not sleepy tired,  I just want time to stop for a few hours so that I can breathe and catch up with everything in my life.
I will say that I’m glad we aren’t doing ivf after all this. Honestly,  with the paralysis,  I don’t even know when he will physically be able to bd.  Obviously nothing has happened the past two weeks,  and nothing is going to happen for the next two weeks in rehab,  but I don’t even think he could perform even if he wanted.

I’m trying to focus on the good news: blood pressure is under control. Heart rate is good. Breathing is good. Physical therapy had started.

Ugh. I have a cat in my face. I can’t continue.  I’ll write more later.  🙂


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