Nothing ruins a good infertility pinner on Pinterest more than a pregnancy.

I feel like there needs to be a warning label.  Instead,  I suddenly get pins about maternity clothes, breastfeeding,  and prenatal exercises. It’s like she pinned every single possible pregnancy related pin in one day. And it’s not like she has one pregnancy board that I can unfollow. No,  she’s organized. As soon as I unfollow one board,  three more pop up. Nurseries! Baby carriers! Maternity pics! Pregnancy announcements! Birth announcements. It just kept coming.

So I unfollowed her.

I feel a little bad,  but she shifted focus. Her audience was infertiles, and now it’s not.

My plan was that if I were to ever get pregnant, I’d start a new blog focusing on pregnancy after infertility, grief,  and loss. New focus = new audience = new blog.

What about you? Would you keep your old blog or start afresh of you finally got that elusive sticky BFP? Or am I just too sensitive?


2 thoughts on “Pinterest

  1. Well, I’m guilty of keeping my old blog. That said, there’s a fear that doesn’t go away just because you get a positive test. 4 months in and I’m finally starting to relax a little! I understand unfollowing someone whose focus shifts, and I doubt anyone would be offended by that. Nobody wants to feel inundated like that, so thank goodness for the unfollow option! Good luck to you!

  2. I think part of me is superstitious – I don’t want THIS to cast any shadow on any future happiness. I’m planning on starting up another blog – one that has a more positive approach to my future. This was started in grief, and I don’t want my future positive posts to always be associated with a blog names after grief, loss, and sorrow.

    I also think that Pinterest might be different than WordPress – It’s easier to connect on WordPress – comments are more likely to happen over a post rather than a pin. When that *connection* is there, I’ll continue to follow because of a friendship and leave supportive comments exactly because of that fear that you mentioned. I have a friend who is in the exact situation (and I wish she’d post more frequently).

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