Temper Tantrum



I’m tired of being happy for other people. Why do I have to be happy for things other people really take for granted?


I’m tired of my father and his stupid,  insensitive comments. I know he means well,  but it doesn’t make him any less of a jerk face. He doesn’t get it. Any of it. Delusional.


I’m ashamed that my husband has such a positive attitude about the future and I feel like dead weight.


I’m tired of people reassuring me that I’ll get pregnant. Stop lying to me to make yourself feel better. I can’t get pregnant without IVF, and there’s no guarantee that’s going to happen either. Reassure me that I’ll be happy either way,  but stop the useless optimism. It’s only going to make me angry and you look like an asshole.


I just needed to indulge in a bit of self pity. I’ll stop the vomit now.


Surgery went well Monday, but I stayed home from work Wednesday because I wasn’t feeling well.  I think I just overdid it Tuesday. I see the RE next Friday.


The pictures are there just to break up the monotony of complaints.


I’m doing okay, really.



6 thoughts on “Temper Tantrum

  1. Do you have a store nearby selling the “Iheartguts” stuff?! I am so jealous! I have to order online when it comes time to buy something. I want all of it, and N thinks I’m a psycho lol
    I feel the same way with the other stuff. IF I bring up IF stuff (which is rare), I always have to make sure people understand it’s impossible without IVF. They still don’t get it, since it “only takes one.” And I am sick and tired of explaining that shit as well.

    • The “Iheartguts” is at our science museum, so I had to buy the uterus key chain. I’m using it as a good luck charm!

      My father is the worst. He actually told my mother that he KNOWS he’ll be a grandfather and that he uses his nieces as a replacement for grandkids whenever he feels sentimental.

      The other thing that irks me about taking IF with “regular” people is that they think it’s going to work, and work on the first try. I wish I could go back to being that naive.

      • UGH. I also wish I could think it was possible. And I can’t let people tell me something with blind faith, and not correct them. Then they act like I’m the one making a big deal. Umm pretty sure I have done more research than the person who had sex twice to get pregnant.

  2. People will say the darndest things in regard to YOU getting pregnant. I was 44 last year walking around the block with my FIL who apparently STILL has hopes on me getting pregnant. He told me that a female friend of his got pregnant NATURALLY at 56. I didn’t want to say bullshit to his face and could only reply, “That’s interesting” while I changed the subject.

    Worse is ANYONE who touts “god’s will” in regard to fertility / infertility. That’s an inane response to most anything … OK, everything … and it lacks BOTH compassion and empathy.

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