I’m Always Wrong


One thing about infertility is that people always try to tell you what to do. Even other infertiles. It’s the whole mentality if “it worked for me, so it should work for you, too!” I guess I’m just as guilty of it as the next person.

But not only do I have to put up with suggestions for how to get pregnant, I also get told how to act.

If I’m upset about something, I get told to be more optimistic.

If I’m feeling hopeful about something, I get told to calm down and not get too excited.

I’m if focusing on numbers, I get told that it only takes one.

If I feel like talking about my situation, then I’m dragging people into my personal business.

If I want to keep things private, I get asked about it.

I think it’s gone past people being helpful and more along the lines of people must think I’m an idiot. Most people understand I’m way past the “Just relax” advice, but they still want to give me advice. Why do people insist on giving advice on topics they know nothing about? Do they really think that they know something about it? Or do they just want to fill an uncomfortable conversation void.

I guess it won’t get any better if I actually ever have a baby, so at least I’ll be used to it, I guess.



2 thoughts on “I’m Always Wrong

  1. It drives me crazy when people try to fix my problem. Recently I was out to dinner with some people and I ordered dessert. One of my friends informed me that added sugar can be bad for fertility and I probably should not eat it. It is like I deserve to be infertile because I am not perfect. I also had someone once give me a hard time for drinking out of a water bottle when I was not sure that it is not BPA free. I know people do not have ill will but I wish they understand that sometimes all I need is for someone to listen and be there for me. I try to remember that sometimes it is ok to not be ok.

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