Know what this is?



This, my friends, is thousands of dollars of failure. This is a bag of my left over sodium chloride, the mixing agent for my Menopur.

Today is the day I decided to donate our leftover medical supplies. Between me and DH, we could start a black market pharmacy.

Today, I am reclaiming my dining room.
I’m hoping that I can reclaim the nursery the week of Thanksgiving. It’s still too much to walk in there and realize that after seven years, it will never be used for the purpose we initially assigned it.

If I had known children weren’t going to be in the picture, I never would have moved out here to the suburbs. We would have probably saved up to buy a house (condo?) in the loop. This way, though, we have our bedroom, a guest room,  his craftroom,  and my craftroom. I don’t have to share!

I’m just a little sick to my stomach. So much for trying to be positive. I think I’ll go take an anxiety pill…


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