Hide All From…


I’m still on Facebook. Stupidly. I can’t quit it – too many people use it to organize things and I’m too nosy, so I just deal. Most of the conservatives are hidden so it’s become a pretty cozy little place lately. Except sharing links… I have some friends who share all sorts of stuff from Scary Mommy, Mommies-R-Us, MOMS ARE THE BEST, I’M A BREEDER, and other ridiculous groups. I want to still see stuff from my friends, but I just don’t want to see all those posts that remind me that I’m not a mother. So I hide the groups. This is what I see when I try to block a group –

You will no longer see posts from ANNOYING MOMMY GROUP  in News Feed. Undo?
Why don’t you want to see this?
An opportunity for me to snark about infertility? Yes please! However, I’m sorely disappointed with the lack of responses that Facebook gives me:
  • Why don’t you want to see this photo?
  • It’s annoying or not interesting
  • I’m in this photo and I don’t like it
  • I think it shouldn’t be on Facebook
  • It’s spam
That’s it? Really? There should at least be an “Other” category. I don’t care if anyone reads the reason I’m blocking this group, but at least it’s cathartic for me.
Though I really think that there should be the following reasons to block some thing on Facebook:
  • Why don’t you want to see this photo?
  • I’m infertile and this reminds me of my failures
  • I’m tired of being reminded of just how much my friend loves her child(ren). I get it already. Stop bragging.
  • Shouldn’t you be watching your kids instead of posting memes on Facebook?
  • Quit trying to pretend that you’re Mother of the Year. I know what you did last weekend.
  • I know your kid – they aren’t all that smart or beautiful or kind.
  • STFU
Or maybe I should just stick to “It’s annoying or not interesting“?



2 thoughts on “Hide All From…

  1. OMG I’ve had these exact thoughts! So annoying that Facebook doesn’t want to hear about how bitter I am about being childless. 😀

  2. i totally felt the same way. all of my friends have children. Last year, there were most,, a good handful didn’t but now… now they are working on their seconds. Every profile pic I see, is of their children. So many children eating in diapers. At first i was saddened about this, but now i’m truly just annoyed as fuck, and feel sorry for their husbands — they clearly have been set on the back burner, if not completely off the stove!

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