A Secret IVF Stim Cycle


This was originally written in July. I’ve kept it hidden since then.

After our second failed stim cycle attempt, I was done. I was really depressed for a few weeks – I’m not sure if I blogged about it or not, but the finality of ending TTC reminded me of the finality of the tx when we lost our daughter. I was a mess.

And then…

We decided to give it one more shot. One more chance. Any why not? My insurance gets renewed on September 1st, and I have 0 co-pays on my meds right now, so if we were evening THINKING about giving this another shot, it’s now.

So. We jumped.

I’m on a Lupron Flare cycle. For me, that means I have been taking two shots of Lupron every day since CD 3. On CD 5, I added 300 Gonal-f in the morning and added the omnitrope and 300 menopur in the evening. Yep. That’s five shots day. My belly is really unhappy.

I can also confirm that the Gonal-f leaves a horrible nasty taste in my mouth. Yuck! Also, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but icing doesn’t seem to help a thing this time around.

We decided to keep this secret from everyone because I got tired of disappointing people. Also, it’s hard to have privacy in the IVF world, especially while I’m working.