A Secret IVF Stim Cycle


This was originally written in July. I’ve kept it hidden since then.

After our second failed stim cycle attempt, I was done. I was really depressed for a few weeks – I’m not sure if I blogged about it or not, but the finality of ending TTC reminded me of the finality of the tx when we lost our daughter. I was a mess.

And then…

We decided to give it one more shot. One more chance. Any why not? My insurance gets renewed on September 1st, and I have 0 co-pays on my meds right now, so if we were evening THINKING about giving this another shot, it’s now.

So. We jumped.

I’m on a Lupron Flare cycle. For me, that means I have been taking two shots of Lupron every day since CD 3. On CD 5, I added 300 Gonal-f in the morning and added the omnitrope and 300 menopur in the evening. Yep. That’s five shots day. My belly is really unhappy.

I can also confirm that the Gonal-f leaves a horrible nasty taste in my mouth. Yuck! Also, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but icing doesn’t seem to help a thing this time around.

We decided to keep this secret from everyone because I got tired of disappointing people. Also, it’s hard to have privacy in the IVF world, especially while I’m working.


One thought on “A Secret IVF Stim Cycle

  1. Hoping all the best for you. I didn’t tell my family about my last miscarriage because I was so tired of disappointing them (something they would be horrified by if I told them). Ugh.

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