So Here Goes Nothing…


Again, most updates will be on my other (more positive) webpage, but I did want to let my readers know that the third time was a charm. I’m pregnant with IVF twins!

I’m currently 16 weeks and ANXIOUSLY awaiting my 20 week anatomy scan, but so far, it looks like things are going well.

The past few months have been very stressful for me, so I’ve been keeping my pro-choice activism on the down low, but I’ve still been sharing my story in meaningful ways.

I participated in an interview with Sea Change about abortion storytellers.

I have been vocal about my decision on my birth boards.

I’ve helped people with poor pre-natal dx’s find the TFMR board.

I had to cut back with the amount of time I was volunteering with the Wendy Davis campaign because I was bed rest for about 5 weeks, but I still managed to vote.

I don’t plan on this webpage going away – this is an issue that I feel very strongly about, and I still have triggers that set me off.

I still fight hard for my friends who are still struggling regardless of whether they are still TTC or not. I plan on fighting any Personhood laws that get introduced in Texas.

And I still want to make a trip to Austin to speak with Hegar, Duell, and Nelson specifically. I’m heartbroken and disgusted that Abbott/Patrick won their office. I’ve mentioned specifically before how horrible it feels to spill your guts and more intimate moments to strangers only to have them spit on you.It’s getting harder and harder to have any love or respect for where I live. I hate feeling so… jaded, but it’s the truth.

I think I’m starting to ramble now, but I just wanted to thank you guys for the positive thoughts and love that you’ve sent my way while I’ve been TTC on this blog for the past two years. ❤


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