Even with everything that we are going through, I’m still fiercely protective of other mothers who are faced with the decision to terminate. Whenever I see a poor prenatal diagnosis thread on my message board, I lurk, send private messages, and share my story. I send her to the TFMR board and bump pertinent threads. If they make a public post on our Birth Board about terminating, I’ll go back and stalk it to make sure no one leaves a crass or horrific response.

I’ve found a few, but they were mainly people comments about how God won’t give you more than you can handle and religious comfort. I responded back (nicely, too! can you believe it!), that while those platitudes may help YOU, it sounds condescending when you tell another person that.

It’s a little scary to open up and comment on the Normal Board – to admit to these pregnant women that I tx’d two years ago. But I feel that if I can perhaps help one person, to at least guide her to the TFMR board, then it’s worth it.