14 months…


That’s how old my twins are! Really! So, my last post left you hanging. I’m sorry. Yes, Baby B is missing his corpus callosum and has something called polymicrogyria. I’m not sure if my posts reflected it, but I was certain the pregnancy was going to end horribly, one way or another.

As I mentioned, because of the current laws in Texas at the time (which SCOTUS just recently deemed unconstitutional!) made it impossible for me to wait for prenatal testing results to make a decision in Texas, we decided that if we got a horrible results, we’d go to Colorado. We were able to figure out that there is a WIDE range of outcomes for ACC, and we couldn’t make a decision without knowing more about where Baby B would likely land.

How ironic is it that Colorado’s lax abortion laws saved my son?

We had another MRI around 32 weeks, but we talked with specialists in abnormal pediatric neurology who told us that based on the MRI’s, ultrasounds, and genetic testing, there would be an 80% chance that we wouldn’t be able to tell which twin had the ACC, that he would be completely normal. The worst case situation would (probably) be seizures, learning delays, low muscle tone, and social awkwardness around puberty. Nothing like the worst case scenario(s) we had read about.

Thank you, Colorado. Thank you for giving us the time to get test results back. Thank you for giving us the time to talk to the experts rather than jump blindly off of personal anecdotes off the internet. Thank you for giving us the time that Texas didn’t think we needed or deserved.

I ended up being miserable for most of my pregnancy. Between HG and carrying twins and worrying about Baby B on top of typical pregnancy worries, I didn’t enjoy pregnancy as much as I wanted to. Near the end, I just lounged on the sofa wallowing in hormones.

I had worries with my boss, as well. I felt pressure to come back in August NO MATTER WHAT. While that was originally my plan, I had no idea what to expect with Baby B (what would I do if he had to spend time in NICU?) and ended up stressing about threats to my job. As in, if you don’t come back to work in August, we’ll have to hire a replacement for you. Turns out, as everyone else except my boss knew, that was illegal thanks to FMLA, but it didn’t help my stress level.

I also had a hard time delivering a placenta and almost had to have an emergency hysterectomy. I lost a huge amount of blood, and to have multiple blood transfusions, and had a really hard time breastfeeding as a result. My boss gave me a really hard time about pumping at work, as well. To the point that I could have filed a complaint.

The good news is that both babies are doing REALLY well. Like they are both meeting or beating milestones. Baby B is in Early Childhood Intervention, but he requires no services at this point. He’s as strong as an ox, he walks, crawls, babbles, can say words, and gives the best kisses. He eats well (he LOVES his food) and has a good time playing in the bathtub. He does whine a lot, but that’s easily overlooked because of how stinkin’ cute he is.

I don’t really have much time to blog these days, but I really have a lot to say. Typos, grammatical errors and everything.

I have diapers to put in the dryer and bedtime to get ready for.

But I have babies. I have two healthy, happy babies.

I am still missing a part of my heart, and I will forever miss my daughter, but I am confident knowing that I made the right decision for her.